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Torsion Springs
Compression Springs
Conical Springs
Spring Washer
Flat Springs
Wire Forms
Hair Pin
Hair Pin (Double Coil)

These resist an applied torque when the ends are subjected to angular displacement, used in transmission etc.


These are coiled helical springs made from spring steel wire, that can resist compressive load.

  • Suspension Springs - Front Fork & Shock Absorber

  • Engine Valve Springs

  • Clutch Springs

  • Rebound

Any type of loop or special type ends with our automatic  coiling and looping facilities eg. Machine Loop, Full cross loops. Side loops or double twisted full loops, side loops or double twisted full loops together with special extended loops


Wide range of conical springs eg. double conical, barrel type etc



These are made on forming machines, in different shapes, adaptable to required applications.



Round wire or special wire from 0.15 to 8mm in diameter with unlimited designs

Split Cotter Pin

Hair Pin

Hair Pin (Double Coil)


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